The Life of Jalo

The Life of Jalo is our daily photoblog covering the life of our pack with a focus on our dogs. We started it the day we picked up our second flatcoat, Jalo, in September of 2004. The primary site for the photoblog is of course the site itself, but in 2019 we (finally) started to post the daily photos on Instagram @thelifeofjalo.

On Instagram we also try to post some stories every now and then as well as some extra content that doesn’t directly fit on the current site. We were always happy to see LoJ get 50 or so daily unique visitor at its peak, but as people started to move their consumption from blogs to social media sites we noticed a drop in site visitors. However, Instagram is clearly a good platform for LoJ as there it’s followers are growing steadily.

LoJ has been mostly fun to create and has given us loads of good memories and contacts to people we never would have met otherwise. And if you start from the beginning to look at the photographs we have taken, you can also hopefully see some increase in photography and editing skills.

Admittedly, there have been times when we have had to hunt for motivation to create new photographs that aren’t a repeat of the same old pattern, but our recently increased travels with the dogs in tow has also given us more opportunities to create new content. Check out a few of our favorite moments over the years below and then go for a stroll along the site archives or the Instagram feed.

TODO 10 or so favorite shots