About Us

We are a couple living in Eastern Finland with our dogs. Anna is the creative one of us and you can find Ramin typically behind the camera or wrangling the bits and bytes keeping our digital lives in order. Let us introduce ourselves in our own words:


I sometimes say that I wish I was born a hundred or more years ago. I love working with my hands – be it by drawing, sewing or working on various other kinds of creative projects. I studied engineering, but the only course I really enjoyed was when I built a scale model of a wood framed house. When I’m focused on creating something new the dogs could be doing handstands next to me and I wouldn’t notice. I love learning new skills of how to work with different materials and tools to work with my hands. Luckily computers also have pencils so that I can use them to draw and be creative with. All of the designs available in our shop are my creations and all of the handmade products have been created by my in our home office.


I’ve been a professional IT geek for nearly a quarter of a century and have spent pretty much all of that time working on online applications. That’s me by day, by night – and sometimes during the day – I’m a paid on-call firefighter that can also serve as the unit’s commander. After the workday you can find me and Anna taking a walk with the dogs to clear our heads from the workday, Often I have a camera in my hand to shoot content for our daily photoblog The Life of Jalo. Otherwise I enjoy spending my free time working on various construction projects – currently tinkering on our self-built campervan, both on the build and automation side.

If you are interested in a look at my professional CV, head over to LinkedIn.

The Dogs

Of course, no introduction of us would be complete without mentioning our dogs. Anna has lived with retrievers since 1993 and we’ve had flatcoats practically as long as we have been living together. They are very much a part of our family and us. You can find out more about Topi, Kamu, and Eino on their own pages. We also have pages for the rest of the pack.