We offer various products designed in the Finnish countryside in our shop that are either produced on demand by our partners around the world via Printful or made by hand by Anna in her workshop.

flatcoated retriever silhuette t-shirt in a cafe

Why Print on Demand?

We try to minimize our environmental impact. That is why we believe in creating our handmade products mainly to order and maintain only a minimal amount of stock of any product. That is why for all products that can be printed on demand, we use a partner that will create the product as needed and thus no extra waste of unsold products is created. We also try to select the base products as well as possible considering their environmental impact.


Dogs are extremely important to us. You can check out our current and previous dogs as well as follow our daily photoblog. Flatcoated Retrievers are our main breed and we also currently have an Irish Setter.

two flatcoated retrievers and an irish setter looking down a hill

Our current pack consists of two flatcoats: the black Topi and liver Kamu; as well as the setter Eino.

Anna and three dogs next to a lake in Lofoten Islands


For years we searched for a way to travel with our dogs. Finally in 2018 we decided to convert a van to our specifications so that we could comfortably travel with our whole pack. Follow our travels here.

Nur the van driving along a bridge in Lofoten Islands

We are also in the process of writing up the story of our build to share our experiences and thoughts on design. We learned much from reading and watching others document their processes so it is only fair to share ours.

dog and woman looking out of campervan backdoor

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