8.5.2010 Young dogs evaluation, Topi

Hunting attributes

Janne Lähteenaro & Heli Siitari

Enthusiasm towards game: Desipite his young age (5 months) the dog clearly has the attributes of a hunting dog. Tracks short distances. When he encounters game he is interested. He also easily picks up the game.

Retrieving instinct: Very strong and loves bumpers :). Searches with his eyes so nose utilization exercises now… And preferably no light colored bumpers. Returns to his handler very well for his age (shortened retrieving distance and starter pistol used for shot).

Reaction to shot: Calm, alert (starter pistol)

Other: A bit under 5 months old, eager and promising young dog! (HS)
Young promising little retriever! (JL)


Finn Arild Thorsen & Kirsi Nieminen

Age: 5 months

Height: Not measured

Type and proportions: Excellent type, very good proportions for his age.

Head and neck:

Head: Very good length of head, good shape of skull.
Otsapenger: Rotumääritelmän mukainen. Stop: According to breed standard.

Muzzle: Excellent

Bite and jaw: Scissor bite (slight overbite which goes with age), good lips.

Number of teeth:

Eyes and expression: Beautiful eyes and excellent expression. Good color in eyes.

Ears: Set slightly low (possibly due to age)

Neck length and strength: Good length of neck.


Proportions: Very good.
Ribcage: Normal for his age, good forechest.

Back: Very good.

Loin: Very good.

Croup: Very good.

Topline: Very good.

Tail: Good position of tail.

Limbs, bone structure and movement:

Forequarters: Could be straighter, good bone structure.
Front angulation: Good position of shoulders, upper arm could be more angulated.

Paws: Could be more compact.

Hindquarters: Good thighs.

Rear angulation: Very good.

Hock: Good length.

Movement from front: Slightly wide, elbows slightly loose.

Movement from rear: Slightly narrow.

Movement from side: Good for his age.


Coat: Good puppy coat.
Condition: Good condition for a puppy.

Behavior: Very good. Happy typical flatcoat.