20.9.2014 Young dogs evaluation, Late

Hunting attributes

Anette Nielsen, Marko Peippo, Tom Saura & Markus Kakko

Enthusiasm towards game: Free search: Retrieves game with leisurely but confident style. Slows his pace down a bit and circles a bit while returning.

Retrieving instinct: Marking: Shows nice enthusiasm in retrieving and knows what he’s doing. Free search: Retrieves gladly. He knows what he’s supposed to do but he doesn’t want to return the game directly to the handler. Water work: Is interested and enjoys the task.

Water work (dummies): Dog likes to swim. Is interested and enjoys the task. Works quickly. Returns the dummy close to the handler. Works straightforwardly in the water. Good retrieving grip.

Marking (with dummies): He stays in the area despite old smells. He picks up dummies right away when he finds them. He uses his nose very well in the area. Reaction to shot: normal. He should be more willing to return with the dummies.

Tracking / self confidence: Uses ground scent first and changes to air scent, took the rabbit, dropped it on the way. Second try, used ground scent all the way to the end of the track. Returns directly to the handler after being pressured, had a deep grip.

Other: Free search: Works with leisurely but confident style. Uses air scent very well. Co-operation causes some problems.


Anette Nielsen & Riitta Niemelä

Age: 2 years 2 months

Height: 62 cm, Colour: black

Type and proportions: Good type, good proportions, sizeable

Head and neck:

Head: Correct proportions of the skull and muzzle, strong skull
Stop: satisfactory

Muzzle: Correct length

Bite and jaw: Ok, tight bite. Strong jaws

Number of teeth: Ok

Eyes and expression: Slightly light eyes, pleasant expression

Ears: Well placed ears

Neck length and strength: Strong, long neck


Proportions: Good in the body
Ribcage: Well developed ribcage and forechest

Back: Strong, long

Loin: Slightly long

Croup: Correctly assembled

Topline: Strong, also in the movement

Tail: Well set

Limbs, bone structure and movement:

Forequarters: Strong, straight
Front angulation: Slightly open

Paws: Slightly flat

Hindquarters: Strong, muscular

Rear angulation: Good

Hock: Slightly high

Movement from front: Slightly wide

Movement from rear: Parallel

Movement from side: Good reach


Coat: Good coat
Condition: Good overall

Behavior: Pleasant