FI CH Ravencrag Explorer “Emil”

Emil, aka Eemeli Ulvinen, aka Christian Bligh… A little Bob The Builder indeed. Emil is truly charming personality – he consideres things rather than rushes straight into them. Admittedly though, despite his considering personality he does have some characteristics that remind us of his namesake Emil i Lönneberga. Emil is quite different from our previous flatcoats and therefore it has been really nice to get to know this little english gentleman. A huge thank you to Helen Bligh, Hailey Tomlinson (Rainesgift) and Piia Ulvinen (Salasana) for the oppoturnity to get this little charmer into our lives.

  • Flatcoated Retriever
  • Born 29.1.2011 at Kennel Ravencrag, UK
  • Co-owned with Kennel Salasana
  • Hips: A/A (healthy)
  • Elbows: 0/0 (healthy)
  • Eyes: healthy
  • Height: 61.5cm, Weight 33kg
  • Emil in breeding database

Emil’s Show Results

FI CH, 3xCAC, 1xres-CAC, 1xres-CACIB

BOB, 2xBOS, 3xbest male 2, 2xbest male 3, 3xbest male 4

Best male 2 in Finnish flatcoated specialty where he got his final CAC and became FI CH

Other results

Qualified in field (NOU1)