FI MVA & RU MVA Backseat of a Trans Am Optimus Canis “Kamu”

Although our first flatcoat was supposed to be a liver, it was finally our seventh flatcoat that was a liver, Kamu from Poland. Kamu is a FLATCOAT in all capital letters, full of energy and happiness with an ever wagging strong tail. In his pedigree you can see strong influences of Luka – hence is a clown and good, independent worker – and Topi – hence the desire to please his handler. All in all, an excellent combination for a working dog and a joy to have around. Just like Topi and Luka, he is also a passionate retriever and has to have something in his mouth, most often one of Anna’s crocs.

Kamun näyttelytulokset

3xROP pentu, 3xKP

FI MVA, & RU MVA, RKF MVA vahvistamatta, 5xSERT, 3x vara-SERT, 3xVSP, 6 Venäjän SERT, 3 RKF kerhovaliota, 2 Puolan SERT, 2xROP, BIS-2 metsästyskoira kaikkien rotujen näyttelyssä

Kamun metästyskoetulokset

Hyväksytty taipumuskoe, NOU1

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