Rushes Eagleheart “Sulo”

Sulo was our second golden Retriever among the flatcoats. His name means cute in Finnish, which he was. Our goal was to find a golden that is from healthy lines, has the necessary looks, and has working ability was surprisingly hard. But we found one. Sulo went to several shows and did ok and he passed his qualification in the field relatively easily.

Sulo was a passionate retriever. Especially outside he’s got something in his mouth almost all the time – be it something meant for retrieving or a treasure he’s found for himself. His favorite toy was an old volleyball that has been consigned to outdoor use only. He was so obsessed with it, that every time he was outside it had to be found – and carried around.

Sulo’s results

Shows: Excellent and placed first in working class, second in puppy class

Qualified in the field (NOU1)