Mei Dan Second Blonde

His namesake is dark and handsome (you know, Goran Visnjic of ER fame). Luka is handsome, if not dark. And in case you’re wondering, he is a pure-bred flatcoated retriever, yellow is a color in their genetic makeup even if it isn’t an acceptable variant according to the breed standard. If you’re interested in some of our reasons for taking a yellow flatcoat, please read Ramin’s blog entry on the matter.

After Kassu, Luka was Anna’s shadow in everything except hunting. There he was Ramin’s dog. He was a great hunter, but a bit too independent to really shine in tests, but as a true entertainer he managed to get the audience of the tests laughing more than once. In fact, Luka’s main goal in life seemed to be making everyone around him laugh – after all, the twinkle of a mischievous flatcoat never left his eye.

Luka’s results

Shows: 3rd place in open class (open show, unofficial but according to show rules)

Cold game hunt tests (NOME-B): 1st prize in beginners class, 7 x 2nd prize in beginners class, 9 x 3rd prize in beginners class, 3rd prize in open class

Qualified in field (NOU1)

FKC’s character test 171 points, no problems with gunshots, test report