Matzline’s Casimir “Kassu”

Our old and stately gentleman. A chaser of ducks, though in his later days only when wearing his life-preserver – how else could he maintain a leisurely pace without hurrying too much. Hates walking on a lead following a road – roaming free in the forests looking for good smells is the way to go. Mostly obedient, but sometimes quite slow in obeying. He tried to convince us that sometimes he didn’t hear the commands, but whispered offers of treats always gave him away.

He is fiercly protective of Anna and afraid of anything smaller than himself, especially Roni. When Flippe was small, he felt the need to protect the little one, but now he quite apparently feels that Flippe can fend for himself. Isn’t really interested in bossing anyone around. All he needs is food (more would be nice), a warm and comfortable place to sleep, and occasional relaxed outings in the forest.

Kassu’s results

Shows: Very good (as a veteran)

No hunt tests etc, but worked well with game